Senator Tim Kaine addresses postal service issues

Senator Tim Kaine addresses postal service issues
US Senator Tim Kaine addresses his constituents in a Zoom meeting. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Senator Tim Kaine held a virtual Zoom meeting on Friday afternoon to hear and address concerns that have been raised by some of his constituents about issues with their mail service.

All of the people in the Zoom meeting had previously contacted the senator about issues that they were having with their mail service including delays in regular services and concerns about the upcoming election.

Several people told him about noticeable delays they have had in receiving important items through the mail including medications and social security checks. One woman said she depends on the mail to keep in touch with her out of state father who is sick with COVID-19.

Kaine said the major priorities of the Senate when they reconvene will be COVID relief funding and guaranteeing the continuity of mail services for the upcoming election.

“The two immediate priorities are trying to find the next bill to help families and small businesses with the challenges of COVID and second to try to do what we can in tandem with governors, like Ralph Northam and others, to shore up this American institution that hundreds of millions of Americans rely on,” he said.

Kaine also reminded them that people in Virginia have four ways to vote in the upcoming election, in person, through the mail, early vote in person, or they can request a ballot through the mail and then drop it off in person. The U.S. Senate reconvenes Tuesday, September 8.

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