Central Virginia American Red Cross volunteers waiting out storm

Central Virginia American Red Cross volunteers waiting out storm

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - As Hurricane Laura inches towards landfall, there are several Central Virginia American Red Cross volunteers ready to help. Two of those volunteers say they are unable to leave where they’ll be spending the night.

“We’re just waiting for Laura to hit, and it should be this evening, and we were told to hunker down and we cannot leave this building,” said Renee Bullano, Midlothian.

Renee Bullano from Midlothian and Ed Miller from Hanover County flew down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday and were just moved Wednesday.

“Of course when the storm shifted a little westward, we have now deployed to Alexandria, Louisiana,” said Miller.

The two moving closer to the storm, ready to help anyone in need, something they’ve already been doing throughout the day.

“We’ve been helping clients by distributing food and trying to find hotel rooms for those who wish to have them, but we anticipate setting up cots and sheltering some clients here,” said Bullano.

Bullano and Miller are two of the eight volunteers from Central Virginia who have traveled down to Texas and Louisiana. There is 26 total from the Commonwealth.

Something volunteers now have to keep in mind is COVID-19.

“We are very cognizant of the social distancing and the guidelines concerning COVID-19. So everyone is wearing a mask, having their temperature taken and the cots will be placed 10 feet apart,” said Bullano.

Bullano and Miller have helped with disasters before, but for Miller, it’s still a little frightening.

“I’m always nervous on deployment because you never know what to expect,” he says. “All we can do is look at the weather reports from our headquarters.”

There are several other volunteers standing by in Central Virginia, ready to head South, but that will depend on how the storm hits Virginia, which will likely be over the weekend.

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