Things that are cheaper in the pandemic

What's cheaper during the pandemic

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The prices haven’t risen on everything this pandemic. In fact, there’s a lot of things that have gotten much cheaper.

Kyle James with the website: put this list together-- the 13 things that have gotten cheaper during the pandemic.

Gas-- is much cheaper right now, and if you need to fill up its significantly less than this time last year.

Clothing is less expensive. Retail stores are hurting and trying to get you to buy.

So, the coupons circulating right now-- are crazy good. Sometimes as much as 60% off an order.

Stores are also offering great free shipping deals and we’re seeing some new ones from stores that didn’t normally offer free shipping.

There’s also a lot of free streaming workouts available right now. If you want to drop the membership and use free alternatives to save a little money.

Auto manufacturers are offering a lot of 0% financing deals that run years-- if you need a new car.

And credit reports are free right now. All “Big 3” credit bureaus are offering free WEEKLY online reports through April of 2021. Before COVID-19, you could only get one free peek at your credit report a year through each credit bureau.

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