Flash floods submerge main entrance road at Clover Leaf Lake Apartments

Residents complain of constant flooding issues

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Jackeline Marquez calls Saturday’s flash-flooding at the entrance to the Clover Leaf Lake Townhomes in Chesterfield an unfortunate case of Déjà vu.

“Yesterday was exactly a week since the flooding,” said Marquez. “I thought I was done, but no it’s happening again.”

Last week, the first level of Marquez’s townhouse was completely flooded during the Tropical Storm Isaias. Saturday morning, she left with her boyfriend to pick up supplies to keep her home from flooding again, but she returned to a virtual river flowing over the roads.

Due to the water levels, Chesterfield police blocked off both entrances to the townhomes to prevent people from attempting to drive through the water. For most residences, wading through water was the only path home.

“We just got out to get sandbags, I have my dog in there and I just don’t know what to do,” Marquez said. “I need to get in there and get my furniture and move things upstairs. We have renters insurance, but the point is we need to get in there regardless.”

It would be bad enough if the flooding happening at the apartment was a one-off issue, but residents say today’s rain washes up anger and frustration about a problem they have been dealing with for years.

“I wasn’t told this when I was signing the lease either, which I wasn’t aware of this, which is really bothering me at this point,” said Marquez. “It’s only the main six apartments that get flooded and they are the most expensive ones.”

Marquez said the leasing office told her that they are working on solutions to alleviate the problem, but says that Chesterfield County isn’t in a hurry to fix the drainage system near the townhomes because doing so might direct that flooding to other homes nearby.

“My friends are in there and live there too right next to us and they say the water is about to reach out to us,” said Marquez. “They had to replace the whole flooring downstairs even the baseboards and everything else. I’ve only been here for eight months, this is my first place, moving out, by myself and this happens? It kind of sucks.”

Marquez and her boyfriend eventually took off on feet walking through the water to get to their homes. She says while the situation is frustrating she has other living options to explore while she waits for the water to recede.

“I have valuables and I have a dog in there on the first floor so what do the police expect me to do, let the dog be in the water the whole time?” said Marquez. “I do have options, I could move to another apartment, I could break my lease or I could stay or I may just go to my mom’s house in Colonial Heights.”

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