Summer sales to watch out for in August

Deals to watch for in August

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - In the heat of August, certain sales begin to warm up. Here’s a list of what to watch out for, with help for the shopping site RetailMeNot.

Thanks to summer’s clearance items you’re gonna get really good, deep discounts on outdoor items and things like patio furniture. The same thing goes for grills and grill accessories. Camping gear will soon be 25% off or more.

Cameras will be up to 42% off. Same for kids apparel. You’ll find deals of 26% off, too!

But shopping and trends expert Sara Skirboll says that’s not all to watch for.

“Shoes will always be discounted in August so great news there - you’re gonna find deep discounts over 25 and 50 percent off,” said Skirboll.

She adds that there are some really good deals to be had - you just have to know where to look and which category is typically on sale in a given month.

Also, always make sure you’re finding a coupon code or cashback offer that’s gonna put money back in your pocket.

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