Va. scout creates and donates hands-free sanitizer stations

Va. scout creates and donates hands-free sanitizer stations
Gabriel Manus made and is now donating these hands-free sanitizer stations (Source: WDBJ)

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) - Hand sanitizer is everywhere now. You can see stations and bottles nearly everywhere you go. One local Cub Scout, 9-year-old Gabriel Manus, had the idea to make hands-free stations out of everyday materials.

“Instead of having to have the kids put their hands on the hand sanitizer or having someone stand there to squirt sanitizer, they literally just have to come up to them, put their foot on the pole,” Stephanie Manus, Gabriel’s mother, said.

Stephanie has been helping her son create hand sanitizer stations out of pipes. It’s part of Gabriel’s Cub Scout project.

“As high-functioning autistic, scouting has really helped both my boys get out of their shells and be in the community,” Stephanie said.

Gabriel donated a sanitizer station Thursday to Grow Outside Camp in Salem, where kids with special needs are able to learn in the outdoors.

“I reached out saying, I would love to have it for the kids, so that as they’re playing outside and everything, they can stay clean and safe,” Lauren Pittard, co-host of Grow Outside Camp, said.

The camp directors say these sanitizer stations also make it more clear to the kids how important it is to stay clean.

“They’ll be more aware, just seeing it, they’ll be more aware of hygiene practices and things we need to be watchful for,” Amy Higgs, the other co-host of Grow Outside Camp, added.

This project has taught Gabriel and his brother a thing or two as well.

“It helps them see that I did something good and they see going forward, that doing things for other people is really important and really good for them,” Stephanie said.

Gabriel will be donating other stations to local schools and churches.

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