Hopewell firefighters meet 22-year-old man they delivered as baby in 1998

Hopewell firefighters meet 22-year-old man they delivered as baby in 1998
Battalion Chief Tim Webb, firefighter John Nicol, Devinne, firefighter Jay Hays, firefighter Donny Hunter, and firefighter Mike Vess. (Source: Hopewell Fire and Rescue - Facebook)

HOPEWELL, Va. (WWBT) - May 6, 1998, is a day five Hopewell firefighters say the could remember every detail about.

Now 22 years later on Wednesday afternoon, Battalion Chief Tim Webb and firefighters John Nicol, Jay Hays, Donny Hunter and Mike Vess say they got to meet Devinne, who they helped deliver as a baby in the parking lot of an Auto Zone on that fateful May day in 1998.

Hunter posted on Facebook saying, “It is and now will be one of my most memorable calls and to see the great person he is and is striving to become made it that much more rewarding.”

The Facebook post also said that his parents followed through on the promise of giving him the middle name “Otto,” in reference to the Auto Zone parking lot delivery.

Devinne is studying psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and hopes to have his studies completed by the fall of 2021.

“I wanna be a peer specialist and begin to talk about and make it normal for males to seek help when needed and to do away with the stigma that men can’t show their emotions. There’s a saying I’ve been promoting to myself and I hope to pass on to others, “sensitive with thick skin,” the post said.

Yesterday afternoon we had the honor of meeting someone that we met on May 6th 1998 for the first time... Well it was...

Posted by Hopewell Fire & Rescue on Thursday, August 13, 2020

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