Curbside pick-up is the latest shopping trend to offer savings

Curbside pick-up is the latest shopping trend to offer savings

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - You’ve probably bought online and picked up an item inside a store, but have you tried curbside pickup? It’s the latest trends and stores are offering savings if you try it.

For the last few months, most of us have been doing the majority of our shopping online. And lately, we’ve seen the rise of curbside pickup. Where you never have to step foot inside the store. You schedule a time and they come out to your car with the items you bought.

Sara Skirboll with Retailmenot says curbside pick may be the way to go because stores are starting to offer deals to get you to use it.

“In some cases, you’re gonna be able to stack as we say in the insider shopping track - stack your coupons. What that means is, use more than one. Say, you have a sale or coupon code. Maybe you have free shipping. But then if you buy curb pick up in some cases retailers are going to offer you an extra 10% cashback, an extra 15% cashback or an extra 5 or 10% off,” said Skirboll.

Always do your research look at multiple websites. Who’s gonna offer you the best deal? Who’s gonna offer you cashback on top of what you already spending and saving?

It’s worth it to look before you load something in your cart and click buy.

Maybe put it in your cart and wait a day. Stores do offer deals when they notice you were close to buying something.

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