Music studio gives students a chance to sharpen their music skills, brains

Kindermusik may help prevent 'brain drain'

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Little Sunshine Music Studio is reopening its doors but at a brand new location in Chesterfield.

The Kindermusik business is hoping to help students relieve stress during this unconventional new school year and give students the chance to sharpen their music skills, along with helping to jump-start a child’s learning.

“Music is one of those universal languages that everyone needs and can be used to get their feelings out,” said Pamela Willard, owner of Little Sunshine Music Studio. “Kindermusik is an international, award-winning curriculum that teaches children the early childhood development skills they need using the gateway through music.”

During class, children will interact with each other through movement, rhythm and song; but the hope is they will pick up much more than new music skills.

“We work with them to get them caught up with their speech, gross motor and fine motor skills,” said Willard. “Teaching them lifelong skills, such as steady beat, that they need for reading and writing later on when they get older and go to school.”

Willard says she hopes these classes to serve as a way to help children cope with the uncertainty of the new school year.

“This kind of lets them feel like ‘oh, there are other people. I’m not alone in this world,‘” said Willard.

While allowing families to still have fun and engage the potential found in every child.

“This is a place for you to feel at home,” said Willard. “All the skills that they learn in our music classes, move them forward in school.”

The grand opening for Little Sunshine Music Studio at 12010 Southshore Pointe Drive Midlothian, VA 23112 is Aug. 29.

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