Ways to help protect elderly adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid-19 guidance for elderly adults

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Early on in the pandemic, most health officials warned older adults to simply stay at home, except to buy food or medicine or exercise outdoors apart from others.

With things getting back to a sense of normalcy, weighing the risks are more complicated.

Aging care experts from Home Instead Care Facility are sharing advice to help senior citizens navigate and stay healthy.

“Handwashing, wearing your face covering, keep on social distancing as much as possible and sanitizing surfaces,” said Home Instead Senior Care Expert, Stephanie Derry.

Derry says even though conversations have started to swirl about returning back to “normal,” the threat of COVID-19 is still very real for many in Richmond, especially older adults.

“The biggest thing is staying put,” said Derry. “I’ve seen a lot of senior citizens in their pride. They think they’re going to be OK, they can do it all on their own and what we’re all finding out is - we can’t get through this alone.”

That means continuing to seeking help from trusted loved ones, friends and senior care agencies.

“If you can order online and have someone toss them back in the car, then you’re at least just driving to the store and not going in,” said Derry.

If you’re a family member who decides to bring a loved one home from the hospital or from a care facility, Stephanie suggests making a home safety checklist first.

“Make sure your bathroom is safe, make sure your kitchen is safe. A senior shouldn’t be left alone,” said Derry. “Make sure you have eyes on them and resources available to them to keep them safe at home.”

You can find the Home Instead Senior Care guide and resource list, here.

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