Back to Learning: Online back-to-school shopping

Online back-to-school shopping

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Back-to-school shopping is one of those events that the kids like to be involved in. They like to help pick out those new outfits or a new backpack and notebooks.

It’s a tradition, but parents may be pulling out the laptops and going virtual back to school shopping this year.

Sara Skirboll a shopping and trends expert with the popular site Retailmenot says you may have to just embrace the change.

“So, you might have your sidekick sitting next to you on an iPad or a computer saying I want that. I want that. But it is tradition so I still think our kids are going to want to weigh in,” said Skirboll.

She says there are a lot of places to buy a pair of black Nikes. You have to do your research to find out who is offering the most savings.

Maybe, even make it a sort of scavenger hunt for your children to teach them about saving money. Challenge them to help you find the online deals.

And maybe they can help you find some great shopping apps to start using, like Retailtailmenot. It offers shopping codes and cashback offers. Or there’s the honey browser.

There’s always an option out there to help you save - you just have to learn where to look.

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