Isaias leaves destruction in Northern Neck through possible tornadoes

Vineyard destroyed, hundreds of downed trees

LANCASTER COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - Tropical Storm Isaias left destruction in its wake traveling through the Northern Neck, severely damaging a vineyard and dozens of homes and trees in the area.

A three-story house in White Stone was reduced to one-story as the storm passed through the area early Tuesday morning.

The owners said the home was a rental, and no one was inside when the home was damaged.

Trees around the home were also damaged. Luckily no one was injured.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service confirms a tornado touched down in Kilmarnock Tuesday morning, however the strength of that twister is unknown at this time.

“You never think of a direct hit,” said Paul Krop, co-owner of Good Luck Cellars.

That is what Paul and Katie Krop believe happened at their 100-acre vineyard in Kilmarnock.

Good Luck Cellars was featured on NBC12 in April during the COVID-19 pandemic due to its unique way of protecting its grapes.

However, it is those grapes that saw severe damage from a tornado.

“All these vines under their canopies including all the way down there,” Krop said. “It hit, you can see limbs down on the other side of this fence line all the way to the road.”

The strength of the tornado was powerful enough to take out a section of the vineyard. The grapes are now unable to be harvested in the next few weeks since the steel pipes holding them upright snapped in half.

Meanwhile the event space on the property suffered major damage as well.

The ceiling collapsed in the room from the heavy downpour, pouring onto a $45,000 piano and leaving insulation covering the floor like snow. The outside chimney also came crashing down and the strong winds ripped the roof off the top of a wrap-around porch.

“We got one estimate from the main contractor here right now who says he hopes to have you ready in two months,” Krop said.

With help from dozens of people, the Krops remain optimistic that will happen.

“We are so blessed to have such great friends,” he said.

Meanwhile, roughly 10 minutes away in White Stone hundreds of trees were snapped in half from what homeowner believe was a tornado.

“It was raining really hard, the wind was really hard,” said Michael Dickenson, who lives in the Dungeons Thicket community. “You could hear the tornado come through, sounded like a freight train coming just like they say.”

The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed if a tornado came through White Stone, including the Dungeons Thicket community, but homeowners believe one did, leaving destruction in its wake.

“I’ve never been able to see straight across to Tabbs Creek,” said Jeremy Cole, who has a home in the community. “All those trees down and snapped in half, it’s an amazing sight, but it’s amazingly eerie.”

Hundreds of trees snapped in half, taking down power lines and making roads impassable.

However, Cole said many of the homeowners have taken their chainsaws to the trees to make a path. As of 5 p.m. Tuesday a road into the community had been cleared.

Major damage from Tropical Storm Isaias in the Northern Neck. Karina Bolster is in the Dungeons Thicket community in White Stone that has dozens of trees down across streets and power lines.

Posted by NBC12 on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

“Everyone is safe, everyone is good,” he said. “You can hear generators running in the background. Everyone is taken care of; we’ve checked on everybody.”

So far the National Weather Service has confirmed two tornadoes in the Northern Neck, however officials are expected to survey the damage in the area over the next few days.

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