1914-era house survives potential tornado

1914 home survives the storm

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Iris Treakle’s White Stone neighborhood is unrecognizable after Tuesday’s storms. Her 1914 home sits surrounded by downed trees.

“I bought the house at auction four years ago and I wanted to take it back to its natural, as close to natural, as I could,” Treakle said.

So as she waited in her closet for the storm to pass, she waited to see what of her old house would be left.

“It’s just a moment when your heart feels like it’s going to fall out and it’s terrifying too. The only thing I saw at the back door was a gutter hanging out, so I thought, ok that’s not so bad. And then when I ended up coming down the steps and I saw the garage is gone and the car and then I start looking around and I saw trees and the only thing I thought was ‘oh my gosh.‘”

But even with all that, the house is still standing.

“She’s still standing, she’s got good bones, so guess what I’ll just get in there fix what’s broken and do the best I can,” Treakle said.

Iris and her husband also own another home and luckily it’s fine.

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