Northern Neck prepares for impacts from Tropical Storm Isaias

Northern Neck prepares for impacts from Tropical Storm Isaias

KILMARNOCK, Va. (WWBT) - Towns in the Northern Neck are preparing for the impacts Tropical Storm Isaias may bring to the area.

With a system like this, some of the worst damage could be in this area of Virginia as well as parts of the eastern shore.

Many people who live along the Rappahannock River and other parts of the Northern Neck said they’re accustomed to these kinds of storms during hurricane season.

“Rough storms,” said William Dunaway, who lives near Kilmarnock. “I’m hoping this isn’t going to be too bad.”

NBC12 meteorologists are forecasting strong winds especially in the Northern Neck that could be in the upwards of 50 miles per hour.

“We are putting things away in the yard that may be problematic, you know – projectiles,” said Susan Ludeman, of Weems. “We’re covering our pool.”

“We’re playing it safe, but not doing anything extraordinary,” Dunaway added. “Tying the boat up good, that’s it.”

Possible strong winds could lead to tree damage and power outages.

There were several storms that traveled through the area Monday afternoon, leaving tree banches whipping in the wind and rain pelting cars and shoppers.

"Disappeared quick though, those are the good ones," Dunaway said.

However, those storms, perhaps not as strong as Isaias may be, did leave damage behind.

A tree came down across Route 200 at GoodLuck Road near Kilmarnock.

Utility crews were called out to clear the debris.

While many people hope it's not a sign for what's to come, parking lots at food stores were packed as people stocked up for any future power outages.

“Picking up food for the week,” Ludeman said. “We’ve got family coming into town today. We’re going to have a few extra people in the house and just preparing some meals for the week.”

Dominion Energy crews were also in the area, ready to respond to any outages that may occur as the brunt of the storm hits the area.

"I've seen a lot of wind in the past 15 years... so I hope it's not bad," Dunaway said.

In terms of flooding, forecasts show minor flooding at the coastline with roughly 3-5 inches of rainfall expected in the area.

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