Coronavirus prevention tools make way into hurricane kits

Coronavirus prevention tools make way into hurricane kits

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Hurricane season is meeting a pandemic, meaning people should keep both things in mind when making preparations for storms.

With Hurricane Isaias set to impact the commonwealth, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management says that we have yet to reach what is considered peak hurricane season in our region.

Jason Elmore of the VDEM points out that our area is affected the most between mid-August and late-September, so while Isaias may not be the most severe storm we see, it also likely will not be the last.

Hurricane kits are strongly recommended by the VDEM, and this storm is giving people the opportunity to make sure they're stocked up on several key items. These kits are things you would have set aside in case you need to leave quickly due to a storm.

While there is a long list of recommended supplies, some of the most important ones include three days supply of water and non-perishable food items, flashlights with extra batteries, cell phone chargers and one week’s supply of medication.

COVID-19 should also factor into what people prepare in their kits. The VDEM recommends two masks or face coverings for everybody who is with you, as well as hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and disinfectant wipes. The organization says not to rely on wherever you'll be sheltering to have enough supplies for everybody.

Localities are also taking coronavirus into consideration when preparing. Some usual shelters may not work this time around due to social distancing guidelines, meaning some areas will find alternate locations.

For a complete list of recommended supplies, visit the VDEM Emergency Kit page here.

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