Back to Learning: Buying school supplies can wait

Saving money on school supplies

Back to Learning: Buying school supplies can wait

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Many of our school districts will be learning virtually for at least 9 weeks meaning parents can save some money holding off on certain school supplies.

There are many things we spend money on to get our kids ready for the new school year. This shopping season will look drastically different and your wallet could benefit from it.

We’ll start with all those new clothes you usually buy for your children. Chances are your children still fit into their summer clothes so they won’t need new ones for school. The fall clothing is what is selling now, so by the time they could possibly go back to school, that season will start clearing out for the winter apparel, scoring you some major discounts.

Backpacks are another thing you can hold off on purchasing now. They won't be lugging books around anytime soon so wait for those deep discounts that come a few weeks after Labor Day. Same goes for those lunch bags and kits.

If you can wait on a tablet or laptop, you should. New tech comes out in the fall in preparation for holiday sales meaning deep discounts on prior years models.

And make sure to look around your house. Kids always come home with supplies they didn't use last year. No need to buy those items if you already have them.

Most grades have a blanket list of supplies your child should get, but you don’t necessarily need to buy them all. You may want to wait until classes get underway, then hear directly from the teacher which items will be needed.

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