Radford University prepares for students’ return this weekend

Radford University prepares for students’ return this weekend
Radford University (Source: WDBJ)

RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - Radford University students start moving back onto campus this weekend, with the school reopening next week.

One of the biggest adjustments for students this year is they are required to fill out a daily symptom tracking form. This is to make sure they are on top of monitoring their health.

“That will help them get more into that routine and being aware of how they’re feeling before they get into their daily activities,” said VP for Student Affairs Susan Trageser.

Answering these 22 questions is expected each morning, and school officials plan to follow-up with it.

“We recognize that this is culture change, and culture change is hard and takes a little bit of time,” Trageser said.

According to Trageser, students who don’t fill out the form will be reminded why it is important. If they still don’t follow through, there will be follow-up emails that could eventually lead to conduct to action.

Daily health checks along with a campaign to ‘slow the spread, do the five’ is how Radford University plans to do its part in minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

“Our students are at the center and core of everything we do,” Trageser said. “We know that having them back on campus is going to be the best way for them to continue their academics and their academic journey.”

Classrooms are already set to keep students physically distanced, taping off five seats between them in one lecture hall in the Center for the Sciences with plexiglass in front of the teacher’s desk.

And when someone tests positive, staff will work with that person on a case-by-case basis. Numbers will only be reported to the health department counting toward city totals.

“We are bound by privacy, and it’s important for health and safety reasons that we ensure the privacy of our students or anyone else in our community that may end up testing positive for COVID-19,” Trageser said.

Students living on and off campus who are coming from areas identified as high prevalence will be required to get a COVID-19 test when they come back. Those notices have already been sent out and the school will help you get a test.

According to Trageser, there are 54 beds they have set aside for students to isolate if they test positive. A team member will be notified if there is a student living in university housing that will help to provide this housing, meals and other needs during that time.

“It’s important that students remember what it means to be a Highlander by not only putting their safety first, but the safety of everyone else around them,” Trageser said.

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