Stoney asks judge for 60-day eviction moratorium

Stoney asks judge for 60-day eviction moratorium
Mayor Levar Stoney

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney and City Council President Cynthia Newbille have asked a judge to issue a 60-day eviction moratorium for the city.

Stoney is asking for all eviction activity to be suspended, including the filing and hearing of unlawful detainers and writs of eviction and the issuance of judgments for possession.

In a letter sent to Judge David Hicks, Stoney and Newbille also ask that judges require that landlords show they are exempt from CARES Acts eviction moratorium before they can go forward with the eviction process. The federal law prevents landlords from filing new eviction actions against tenents in properties supported by federal housing assistance or federal loan programs for nonpayment of rent before Aug. 26.

“Unfortunately, most tenants may not be aware that their housing unit is covered under the moratorium. If judges require landlords to demonstrate that they are exempt, this will help to ensure the enforcement of federal law regarding evictions and help protect tenants under the law,” the letter said.

Stoney also says that additional time is needed to connect tenants facing evictions with new funding available through the Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program, along with $6 million in CARES Act funding the city recently designated to eviction diversion and rental assistance.

According to Stoney, the city is set to hear 1,451 eviction cases since the statewide moratorium was lifted.

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