‘I need to know what happened to Hope Ann': Mother pleads for answers after body found in Henrico cornfield

Mother pleads for answers in Henrico death case

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - A mother is searching for answers in her daughter’s unusual death. It’s been more than three weeks now since a utility worker discovered Hope Ann Aheimer’s body in a cornfield on New Market Road in Varina next to her car. They believe someone knows something that will help unravel the mystery.

Police said Thursday, they have no updates but added something about this case remains suspicious.

Holding a banner with her daughter’s face, Martha Aheimer is trying her best to keep it together but it’s not easy.

“I need to know what happened to Hope Ann,” she said fighting tears. “This is my firstborn child. This is my baby, and that’s what I walked around saying, ‘where is my baby? I need to find my baby’,” she added.

She showed up to a cornfield on New Market Road on July 7. That’s where authorities found 26-year-old Hope Ann Aheimer’s body some 15 yards away from her car in a cornfield three days after she went missing.

“The vehicle I was riding in, I jumped out literally on to Route 5 and was screaming across the street at the officer that was there, asking him if that was my daughter. All he kept saying was ‘you need to move back. You need to move back,’” she explained.

The family believes she was on her way to her Varina home after working the night shift at Bottom’s Up Pizza in Shockoe Bottom on Independence Day.

“I’m hoping that somebody saw something that night. Like if her car rolled off of the road into the cornfield and there was an accident, that person can come forward and tell us about that and let us know what they saw on July 4,” Hope Ann’s Aunt Donna Aheimer-Lockwood said.

For days the family searched, hoping they'd find Hope Ann alive.

“I didn’t get the outcome I wanted. If anybody has any news, if they saw something, if they know something, they need to step forward and tell us. I need to know what happened to my baby,” her mother added.

Martha Aheimer had lunch with her daughter a day before she disappeared. They ate at the restaurant before Hope Ann began her shift. Her family says there was nothing unusual about her behavior that day. They are awaiting results of an autopsy to provide additional clarity.

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