RPS teachers will no longer be able to virtually teach in classrooms

RPS teachers will no longer be able to virtually teach in classrooms
Richmond Public Schools unveiled a new logo in 2020. (Source: Richmond Public Schools)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Jason Kamras said in a letter update to teachers, students and families that teachers will not be able to teach virtually from their classrooms.

This decision comes after feedback from dozens of RPS educators, including members on the Reopening Task Force.

Superintendent Kamras says opening buildings to staff to use would undermine the school district’s commitment to doing everything humanly possible to safeguard the health and safety of RPS employees.

It also opens up the possibility that in-classroom teaching would lead to several dozen adults being in a building at the same time, which would increase the risk of transmission precisely at a time when everyone is making extraordinary sacrifices to lower it.

In-classroom teaching would need other staff such as custodians, nurses, and some administrators, to report physically as well.

Lastly, using buildings in a limited way would significantly increase costs such as conducting health screenings, perform daily cleanings and take other precautions.

“I recognize that some of you will be very disappointed with this decision. I respect that, but humbly ask for your understanding and grace,” Superintendent Kamras said in a statement. “Please also know that we’re working hard to ensure you have the tools you need to successfully teach from home.”

Each teacher will receive a ‘virtual teaching kit', which includes a document camera to help facilitate virtual instruction.

The school district will set up times for teachers to retrieve items from your classroom at various points during the year so you don’t have to bring every last resource home at one time. Training will also be provided.

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