Help if you are undecided about college

Undecided About College

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - If you’re waiting until the last minute to make a decision about college, you are not alone. Even some colleges are trying to figure out what instruction will look like this fall.

You have some choices to make about college this fall. The first-- is you could attend college remotely.

It's a good option that's a fraction of the cost since you won't pay for room and board. But an online-only model may not work for you if your degree requires in-person interaction, like lab or fieldwork.

If you live on campus-- there could be social distancing rules-- reduced dorm occupancy, covid-19 testing, smaller classes.

Our partners at the financial website NerdWallet put this list together, and it says a third option is to take a gap year.

That essentially means putting off enrollment. Many colleges will offer deferment to incoming and current students to postpone attendance for a year without losing their spot.

And finally-- you could attend community college then transfer. Its a good option if you’re uncertain about your school opening its doors in the fall and you’re in your first two years of school. It will also save you money in the long run.

And remember to pay attention to your prospective school’s deadline for making a decision and adhere to it. If you change your mind, you will likely forfeit any deposit you make now.

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