Colleges win immigration battle but fear for US reputation

Colleges win immigration battle but fear for US reputation
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many schools across the country are not going to open for in-person learning, forcing students to take online classes.

(AP) - Even with a fresh victory on behalf of international student access, U.S. universities fear they’re losing a broader battle over the nation’s reputation as place that embraces and fosters the world’s best scholars.

University leaders say the administration’s attempts to curb immigration have sent students a message that they aren’t welcome here.

Colleges say foreign students are listening: Since President Donald Trump’s election, the number of new international students coming to the United States has fallen by 10%.

Trump’s latest policy would have forced international students to transfer or leave the U.S. if their schools held classes entirely online because of the pandemic.

The policy was withdrawn in the face of multiple lawsuits.

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