Former Washington RB Hightower says timing is perfect for name change

Hightower applauds name change

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - In 2011 and part of 2012, Richmond Spiders Hall of Famer Tim Hightower suited up in the burgundy and gold, wearing the Redskins’ logo on his helmet. On Monday, the running back was happy to see change.

“I’m excited about this day,” Hightower said. “It’s important. It’s important to a lot of people, it speaks to the times that we’re in.”

After 10 days of reviewing the team’s name, the Washington NFL club announced that it would retire the nickname and logo, effective when a new name was announced. That could come soon, according to ESPN.

Hightower notes that it seems like perfect timing for a move such as this one. With a new coach and new front office members, re-branding signifies a fresh start for the organization.

“You’ve got a new coach, you’ve had a change in management, a change in coaching,” he pointed out. “It’s perfect timing to really kind of change the culture, the DNA, the identity of this organization.”

Reports indicate that the new name has already been determined, but if Hightower had his way, he’d leave it up to the fans to make the call. The former Spider great believes opening the decision up to the community would not only unify a fanbase that needs some positives but could also pull in new fans the team may have alienated in the past.

“I would create some kind of contest, like free season tickets to the best name, best slogan, campaign, whatever it is,” the running back pitched. “The thing that the [team] has had for so long is a strong fanbase. This is an opportunity to rally that fanbase.”

No matter what name the franchise chooses for its next chapter, Hightower views it as an opportunity to better the future.

“While many are reluctant about change and they feel like it’s history, traditions are going out the window, anytime something goes out the window something else has to come in, and I think the future is bright.”

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