With season cancelled, Chili Peppers showcase high school up and coming stars

With season cancelled, Chili Peppers showcase high school up and coming stars
The Tri City Tournaments offer high school players the chance to showcase their skills throughout the summer. (Source: WWBT NBC12)

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WWBT) - The Tri City Chili-Peppers decided to push their inaugural season back to 2021, but the team is still keeping busy.

The organization is hosting Tri-City Tournaments throughout the summer, allowing high school players to get back onto the field. This features travel and club teams, mainly from throughout Virginia, but also visiting from other states in some cases, to keep their skills sharp and showcase their games for college scouts.

“It offers them a chance to get back on the field, first and foremost,” Chili Peppers general manager Steve Taggart said. “We’re open to the public, so folks are welcome to come out, spread out, you can even bring a chair. We’ve got plenty of room down the lines to spread out and social distance and enjoy a ballgame.”

This weekend features the third installment of the tournaments. The organization scheduled six of them initially, but plans to add up to four more that stretch into August.

Perhaps the most exciting component to the tournaments is the chance it gives the players to get the eyes of college recruits on them. The Chili Peppers have been offering a live stream of every game that college coaches can view and get a better idea of a player’s skills. It’s key in a summer that’s seeing travel and budgets restricted.

“That’s huge to have over 150 coaches from around the country logging in to watch these guys,” noted Taggart. “That’s literally the only way they can see high school players right now is through video, and we’re one of the only organizations doing a live stream of actual game action.”

Taggart notes that other organizations have reached out to the Chili Peppers and requested their help in setting up similar video services. The Tri-City GM says this could certainly be a useful tool for recruiters well after the pandemic passes.

For more information on the Tri-City Tournaments, visit https://www.tricitiesbaseball2020.com/.

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