UVA Health epidemiologist explains key coronavirus statistics

UVA Health epidemiologist explains key coronavirus statistics
There are three main statistics when looking at Coronavirus cases in Virginia (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The COVID-19 pandemic has left doctors scrambling, trying to find the best ways to treat, cure, and even assess the new disease. For non-physicians, the technical language can be hard to comprehend and put into context. A UVA Health epidemiologist says that while there are a slew of data points and statistics released each day, there are a few that are more important to keep track of.

There are three main statistics that doctors at the University of Virginia look at when assessing the coronavirus in Virginia: Number of hospitalizations, total number of cases and percent positive of people tested.

Dr. Bill Petri, an Epidemiologist at UVA says the goal is to keep the percent positive of people tested below 10 percent. Right now, Virginia is trending down and is currently at seven percent. The total number of hospitalizations has also gone down in the state of Virginia. Dr. Petri credits this to people correctly following social distance guidelines.

As of June 28, there are 67,736 cases of COVID-19 in Virginia. The global number of cases has now exceeded 10 million.

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