Treatment center owner honored for making positive impact on others

Treatment center owner honored for making a positive impact on others

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The owner of a Richmond treatment center was honored for making a positive impact on others.

Wendy Dickerson, an insurance agent with AFLAC, was trying to drum up some new business one day and knocked on the doors of a Richmond treatment center.

Not only did Dickerson gain a new client, but business blossomed into a friendship.

“As someone who has a business relationship with her, I love coming to see her. She is very open, which makes her very good at what she does,” says Dickerson.         

Wendy only sees half of the work being done by Mary Wiltshire at the Behavioral Awareness Center in Richmond but wanted to nominate her for NBC12′s Acts of Kindness.

“We do substance abuse treatment, mental health, psychiatric services, sex offender treatment and we also recently opened a recovery house,” says Wiltshire.

“I made some mistakes in my life when I was younger, and I learned from them, and I’m in a position now where I have to capitalize off that. First and foremost, I want to start off small, and get a job,” Cantrell Greene said.

Cantrell is able to chart a new course for himself thanks to the services provided at the Awareness Recovery house.

“It’s just so hard for these guys, and girls, to get housing so I saw the opportunity, I saw the need and I jumped on it,” says Wiltshire.

Through this program - which has only been open for six months - men just like Cantrell, can work, get a driver’s license, attend classes and complete their required meetings. Cantrell has only been in the program for three days, but he’s optimistic about the future and thankful for the woman guiding him down a better path.

“It’s a really good program. Mary is a really good person, she is always open to give anyone a chance if you’re willing to put forth the effort. If you really want to change your life, and you’re dedicated to it, stick to it and don’t let anything distract you,” Cantrell said.

The hours are long, the subject matter often heavy, but for Mary, the real payday is seeing men like Cantrell succeed. Much like an insurance policy, Mary is giving these men a way to regain what they’ve lost because we all deserve a second chance.

“It’s something you have to be passionate about. Your drive has to be about helping people and not about the money because the reward is more of a spiritual reward instead of a financial reward,” says Wiltshire.

Wilshire was honored with $300 and a $50 gift card to Mexico Restaurant.

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