New Richmond based company launches in the rental experience space

Updated: Jun. 16, 2020 at 11:04 AM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A new Richmond company, we first told you about in December, is up and running. The Shed is sort of like the Facebook marketplace but delivered right to your front door.

Dale Mounce is looking for a good deal for his business. He’s a handyman. “I am the Dale of Mr. Dale Incorporated," he says with a laugh.

Dale does everything from plumbing to electrical - just no painting. And he’s interested in getting jackhammer for an upcoming job.

It’s a tool he doesn’t already own but may need for an upcoming job. “Now that I have a better impression of what they have I can see me coming here more often.”

He’s talking about the giant Goochland warehouse for the new Richmond based company called The Shed.

Their slogan? Rent more, own less.

Think of it as a way to declutter your garage. You can rent what you don’t want to buy and have it delivered to your front door.

“Our guys will even meet you at the river if you need us to so we can deliver it straight to you wherever you’re putting the kayak in,” said The Shed Co-founder Karen O’Neil. She says kayaks are one of their most popular rentals. So are carpet cleaners, grills, yeti coolers and high-end power tools. Things you might want to try before you buy.

“On a limited time basis use one and figure out if it’s right for you or how you would use it if you decided to own one," said Blaine Altaffer. He’s the president and CEO of Green Top. He teamed up with the shed to provide new products for you to rent. It’s part of how the new company changed its business model as the pandemic began. Instead of taking gently used products from consumers and renting them out, The Shed is now filled with new products from manufacturers.

“Now we’re stocking our shelves with products that are from great brands like Black and Decker, Dewalt tools and Green Top kayaks. So, we’re able to that way make it amazing quality and let the manufacturers also get involved in the sharing economy,” said O’Neil.

The products are sanitized cleaned and bagged up. They’re completely sealed so that when they go out to the customer.

And for independent contractors like Dale Mounce. New equipment doesn’t come cheap... so watching every dollar you spend-- really counts.

“Not if you need to own one in occasional use. This would be a better solution by far.”

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