Acts of Kindness reward given to Powhatan woman for starting Facebook support page

Acts of Kindness reward given to Powhatan woman for starting support page on Facebook

POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - Hundreds of women in Powhatan are choosing to spread joy. They’re using Facebook to come together and sprinkle a little fairy dust. In reality, it’s small acts of kindness that are having a big impact.

Jessica Wilkes recently moved to Powhatan, and she started the private Facebook group about a month and a half ago.

It’s called the “Powhatan Sisterhood of Traveling Spirits and Gifts."

Once added to the group the women put their addresses into a database - and let the "fairy dusting" begin!

Kimberly Jackson is a member.

“We’re considered fairies, so we go dusting. You go, leave the little present on the porch, knock on the door, and then drive off. I’ve been dusted a couple of times, which means when I come home there’s been presents on my porch. Which is always great, kind of like a kid at Christmas. Gum, facials, lotions, notepads, fans, drinks, whatever you like,” Jackson says.

But it’s a lot more than just giving and receiving gifts, it’s comfort in a time of need - a smile when you don’t feel like smiling - and joy that comes with knowing you’re loved.

"A small act of kindness can lift somebody’s spirits and you never know what somebody is going through,” Wilkes said.

Take Linda for example.

She lost her husband a month ago and says this group has helped her through the hardest time of her life.

Heathers’ son is battling a medical condition and once a few women in the group found out - the family was dusted multiple times, putting a smile on his face.

With school being closed, life lessons are happening outside the classroom.

Children are going with their mother's all around town, to get a hands-on lesson in giving back.

NBC 12 values a giving heart, so that’s why Jessica Wilkes is our “Acts of Kindness” recipient.

Let’s face it, things are difficult right now. Racial tensions are high. Millions are unemployed, and we’re still battling a pandemic.

But friendships are blossoming in this community, all because Jessica Wilkes planted a seed of hope and the community came together to nurture it.

"A lot of the women say please don’t stop this when the pandemic ends, and that was never a thought of ours, this is such an amazing thing. Yea, it’s a dark time but we’re going to keep it going,” Wilkes said.

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