Top cops side with protesters, Petersburg Chief calls for arrests of other MN officers

Top cops side with protesters, Petersburg Chief calls for arrests of other MN officers

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - There is a growing number of leaders within law enforcement agencies taking a stand with those all over the nation protesting George Floyd’s death. It’s no different here at home as leaders in Richmond, Petersburg and Colonial Heights have all taken to the streets with those fighting for justice.

Little Ayden is only 5-years-old, but he knows why he’s here.

"Protesting,” he said in a soft, but confident voice. His sign shares his message. “Stop being bad police,” the child said holding his sign below his chin.

He joined an 11-year-old who stood outside of the Petersburg Police Department.

Cars driving by did just what his sign asked, “Honk for justice”.

“It feels like they understand that George Floyd did not deserve to be killed by another police officer,” the boy said holding his sign.

Both of them got a chance to chat with the police chief. "He’s leading us. He’s leading us,” Chief Ken Miller said pointing to both boys.

He’s opening up about the case that has enraged the world. "He's fighting to breathe. He's not being combative now,” he said describing George Floyd. Miller says he understands why protesters are so angry.

"What am I supposed to tell him when he’ standing there watching tv with the policeman and with him laying in the ground with his knee on his neck? That could be his daddy. That could be his uncle,” Ayden’s mother said.

It’s why Chief Miller is taking a stand, on the streets with the very people who are fighting for change. He’s not here just to keep the peace, but to say, we hear you. “One of the signs said ‘Justice’. I said 'May I hold your sign please because that’s what I stand for, justice?’” Miller added.

Colonial Heights Chief Jeffrey Faries did the same as protesters marched through his town. In fact, it’s become a trend all over the country.

“Protect and serve. That means all people deserve the same dignity,” Sheriff Christopher Swanson of Genesee County, near Flint Michigan said.

In Richmond Tuesday, Police Chief Will Smith took a knee in solidarity with those who want change.

"It’s not about sticks. It’s not about helmets and all this ‘police’ trying to be all tough and everything. It’s about people. People are hurting,” Miller said. "When you feel their pain, it isn’t hard to join in. "Should they have been arrested? Yes...All four at the same time…I’m mad. I’m mad because you’ve insulted what I do,” Miller said when it comes to policing.

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