Firefighter helps woman during medical emergency at Kroger

Firefighter helps woman during medical emergency

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Diane Harris has a lot to be thankful for after having a stroke in June.

As a result, she has seizures from time to time. A few weeks ago, she went to her local Kroger on Mechanicsville Turnpike to get groceries.

“I can kind of tell now when I’m going to have one. I yelled for my husband and I said, ‘James!’, I grabbed his shirt and he pulled me down to the floor, so I wouldn’t hit my head,” Harris said.

Lt. Casey Barden, with the Henrico Fire Department, wasted no time to help her out while the dispatcher sent an ambulance.

“He came over there immediately, he was in his street clothes,” Harris says.

Lt. Barden, was off-duty.

"To be honest with you I was pretty exhausted having a newborn at home. I was just coming in to get some groceries and some diapers at home. There was a need for help and I decided to act on it," he says.

An ambulance arrived, and while Diane was getting treatment in the ambulance, Lt. Barden paid for them himself and didn’t tell Diane’s husband.

Kroger employees then carried the bags to the car.

“We went home, and my husband called Kroger to thank them for the groceries, but they informed my husband that they didn’t do it. It just floored me,” she says.”I was just really compelled to show love to them in a way other than just physically helping them. To show someone else the love of Christ, and how he wants us to treat and act towards others," Lt. Barden said.

NBC 12 reconnected the two at the Kroger where it all happened.

"You’re my hero, I know you hear that a million times, but you’re my hero. When I come out of those things I’m scared, I’m freaked out, and I don’t know what going on. I appreciate everything you did for me,” Harris said.

Lt. Barden asked, “How do you feel?”

Harris replied, “Awesome!”

Diane’s husband, James Harris says, “I was a nervous wreck when that happened, so I appreciate everything you did just to help get her through it and get me through it.”

Lt Barden was then surprised by our “Acts of Kindness.”

Diane and her family also bought some diapers, gift cards and other essential items for the Lt.'s growing family.

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything out of it, it was purposeful when I walked away,” Lt. Barden said.

But that’s not all.

The group walked back to the exact spot where the incident happened, only to be surprised by Matt Kroger - the store manager.

Each getting gift baskets and a gift card.

"We're just excited to be a part of this reunion so we just wanted to show a little token of our appreciation this is from Kroger, Diane this is for you. Lt. Barden this is for you.”

A truly special moment, that came out of a very scary time.

"It’s cool to be able to talk to her and meet her post-incident,” Lt. Barden said.

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