Hundreds protest in Richmond streets for 4th night in a row

Hundreds protest in Richmond streets for 4th night in a row

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It started as a crowded park with hundreds of people, harboring an array of emotions- sadness, frustration, pain, anger, sadness.

Demonstrators departed Monroe Park in Richmond on Monday evening a little bit after 5:00.

They marched down east towards the Capitol, demanding remembrance for those victims of police brutality, as well as change.

“This is our country,” one protester said. “Why do we have to fight so hard because our skin has a little bit more color than yours? It’s ridiculous. We are human beings.”

Another focus was on making the future better for the next generation.

Another one of the demonstrators said he has a young son at home.

“The reason I’m really out here is what can I do now to maybe help his future. When we look back on this, I can say I was out there for hours so that you had the freedoms that hopefully he’ll have in the years to come.”

It was a push for change and hope that those who feel they are targets aren’t the only ones to speak up.

“People who are going through it can’t necessarily be the people to change it,” one protester noted. “Everyone has to come together. We have to have allies on all fronts. This has to have compassion and love and humanity for everyone.”

“My people are tired,” added another. “We want, specifically white people, to realize what you have done for us, not for a day, but we’re talking centuries. It’s safe to say that most of the protesters feel there’s a long way to go in the journey towards change, but some think that things are progressing, even if it’s one step at a time.“

You see a lot of Black Lives Matter signs out here and originally that was a bad thing.

Now you see people of all races, creeds and colors with Black Lives Matter signs, realizing that all lives matter if black lives also matter.”

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