Retiree reflects on career inside Dominion building

Retiree reflects on career inside Dominion building

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - There are likely countless stories within the walls of the former Dominion headquarters, and for Paula Jacobson, just about every one of them is a happy memory. Jacobson started working at the East Cary Street building one year after it was constructed in the summer of 1979 while she was still a senior in high school.

Paula Jacobson (highlighted) in a photo with her Dominion coworkers in 1985
Paula Jacobson (highlighted) in a photo with her Dominion coworkers in 1985 (Source: Paula Jacobson)

“I just walked into that building and went to the 14th floor which was the HR department and filled out an application and got hired on the spot,” Jacobson said.

After 18 years Jacobson says she would eventually be laid off but would be rehired in the resources department across from the headquarters building, before finishing her career on Tredegar street in the facilities management department. Jacobson says she was able to get through her 40-years at Dominion with the help of her four close friends.

“There were five of us girlfriends and we were known as the dominion divas and a lot of people in the company know us because we would sit in the cafe at lunch and have a ball and people would come up and tell us we were having too much fun,” Jacobson said.

But like all good things the building she had that fun in must come to an end. Saturday at 7 a.m. over 3000 pounds of dynamite will be detonated to implode the 42-year-old building. while Jacobson says she’s excited for what the future holds for Dominion she is sad to see the place she called her second home to be destroyed.

“I’m ready for it to come down. They’ve got to get it to come down so the new tower can shine even brighter,” said Jacobson. “I might shed a tear now that you got me thinking about it. Like I said it’s going to be hard to watch probably.”

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