Don’t let your gift cards go to waste

You can turn unwanted gift cards into cash

Don’t let your gift cards go to waste

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Have any gift cards burning a hole in your wallet? Leftover from the holidays? $3 billion - That’s how much money goes unused on gift cards every year according to the Mercator Advisory Group.

That unspent money ultimately gets sent back to the retailer or a bank. So they don’t care that you didn’t spend the card. So, don’t let that happen to you.

You can sell your unused gift card for cash. There’s an online site called Cardpool. The amount of money you’ll receive will depend on the popularity of the gift card and the amount of inventory already in stock, but you could get anywhere from 70% to 92% of the gift card’s value.

You could donate your unused gift card to a charity or church. The charity could use it as a fundraiser item to raffle off.

Or how about just re-gift that card or even use the gift card to buy a present for someone else.

And if it’s a merchandise store, you could buy things with the gift card to sell online at sites like Poshmark or Thred up.

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