Issues persist with antiquated Virginia unemployment system

The rate rose to 10.6% in April, up from 3.3% in March

Issues persist with antiquated Virginia unemployment system
The Virginia Employment Commission reported Friday that the rate rose to 10.6 percent in the month, up from 3.3 percent in March. (Source: Associated Press)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - More than two months after the coronavirus pandemic started forcing Virginia businesses to slash their workforces, the state’s unemployment system still can’t keep up with the deluge of calls and emails from laid-off workers who need help.

Virginians across the state continue to report that it’s nearly impossible to reach anyone with the Virginia Employment Commission by phone. People instead have turned to social media, legal aid centers or their elected officials for help troubleshooting.

Virginia Employment Commission spokeswoman Joyce Fogg acknowledged problems with the phone lines and said the agency has done its best to add staff to accommodate the unprecedented demand.

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