Richmond Public School teachers to get raises in new adopted budget

Richmond Public School teachers to get raises in new adopted budget
Richmond Public Schools unveiled a new logo in 2020. (Source: Richmond Public Schools)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond Public School (RPS) teachers are getting a raise after the school board adopted its new budget.

As part of next year’s financial plan, RPS will have $181 million, down significantly from what superintendent Jason Kamras proposed earlier in the year.

“This process is never easy, as there’s always less money than our students and teachers deserve. And this year was particularly challenging, as the revenue picture changed suddenly due to the coronavirus,” said Kamras in a statement posted on the district’s website.

Part of the money will allow the district to give teachers and staff a two percent raise. It will also allow them to hire 15 new teachers to reduce class sizes.

Full list of what’s included in the adopted budget:

  • 2% raise for teachers and all staff
  • 1.17% step increase for teachers, principals, and nurses
  • New salary schedules for custodians, bus operators, instructional assistants, and APs
  • 15 new teachers to reduce K-3 class sizes
  • 10 new ESL teachers
  • 10 new preschool teachers to expand VPI enrollment by over 250 students
  • 9 new social workers
  • 8 new middle school teachers
  • 5 new nurses
  • 5 new reading specialists
  • New elementary behavior intervention program
  • New recent immigrant support program
  • New STEM academies at MLK and Henderson
  • New support to increase student attendance

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