Police seek hit-and-run driver who struck cyclist

Police seek hit-and-run driver who struck cyclist

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT)- Nnana Obioha was riding home after a stop at a convenience store. He was crossing the intersection of Forest Hill Avenue and Semmes Avenue, when he was struck by a car.

“I was crossing the street, and then all of a sudden- I didn’t even notice the car and I guess the car didn’t notice me,” recalled 34-year-old Obioha. “He just hit me on the side and just kept going.”

The victim later recorded a surveillance video from a nearby store on his cell phone that shows the incident. Obioha says there is no way the driver of the car was going the posted speed limit, and also points out that as a combat veteran, he puts an emphasis on situational awareness. A report was filed with the Richmond Police Department:

“At approximately 7:33 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, officers responded to the intersection of Forest Hill Avenue and Semmes Avenue for the report of a hit and run. When officers arrived, the victim stated he was riding his bicycle on Forest Hill Avenue when he was struck by a vehicle making a left turn onto Semmes Avenue. The driver of the vehicle left the scene and was last seen driving on Semmes Avenue toward the Lee Bridge. The vehicle is described as possibly a dark Hyundai sedan. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000 or Det. Kress at 804-646-0280,” the report from police said.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old Richmond resident feels fortunate that a handful of bystanders were on the scene to assist him until emergency personnel arrived.

"I was lucky and blessed with that. I'm a combat veteran and I just didn't think someone would leave me on the side of the road like that."

Obioha says he’s upset, but not angry, and wants the person who hit him to know that he’s OK. He also hopes drivers and cyclists will see his situation as an example of recognizing bike safety and sharing the roads.

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