Some barber shops preparing to reopen on Friday

Barbershops may begin opening Friday

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Businesses preparing to open Friday are having to do so with strict social distancing guidelines, which includes barber shops.

The open sign at Fadez & Bladez has been turned off for weeks, but it will be put back to work on Friday. Chelsea Smith is the co-owner of the shop’s two locations, one in Mechanicsville and one in Midlothian. On Friday, she says only six customers will be able to get their haircut at a time.

“It will be staggered for the 6-foot rule we’ll have one barber here, a barber there, and a barber right there staggered," said Smith.

The shop has been working to purchase enough PPE, as well as ordered gear from the local shop INKT VA.

“They made us these awesome facemasks, so everyone has their awesome face mask to wear while they’re in here. We got disposable capes for our clients that need them or want them.”

Between customers, the shop is mandating a two to three-minute cleaning process. All the while clients will have to wait outside.

“We are not allowing people in the waiting area right now, you pull up, we send you a text message to come into your appointment - that way it also lets your stylist and barber know that they can disinfect properly, get a brand new cape,” said Smith.

One final precaution that the shop is taking, they’re having customers sign waivers that way they can have all of their bases covered, and also they can have a log of who enters the shop.

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