William and Mary tennis coach to run miles for children’s hospital

William and Mary tennis coach to run miles for children’s hospital

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WWBT)- On the tennis court, Aidan Talcott was a player for William & Mary who is now a Tribe assistant coach, and while he's got game, his community impact might boast a little bit more muscle.

Back in November, Talcott began volunteering at the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk. He's developed relationships with the kids there, enjoys their company, camaraderie and sense of humor, and has walked away on any given day with memorable experiences.

"One time I just watched over a baby for a little bit," he recalled. "Holding the baby's hand, for some reason, that changed my day."

Another of Aidan’s loves is long-distance running. After spending some time with the kids at the hospital, a thought crossed his mind.

"I thought it might be a good idea to try to raise money for them after getting to know the kids and working with them, I thought it'd be a really good cause to attach to the run."

This Saturday, Aidan was set to run a 50-mile ultra-marathon in Philadelphia and use it as a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for CHKD. Thanks to COVID-19, the race was postponed, but that's not stopping the tennis coach, whose efforts are rolling full speed ahead. Aidan will run all 50 miles by himself on campus, beginning at 5:00 on Saturday morning.

"I've been training for it for months now so I know that on that date I'd be ready, so I might as well get it over with."

Talcott will run his 50 miles around the Sunken Garden and Wren Building area of William & Mary's campus. He has a half-mile loop measured off and will complete it 100 times. Will it get monotonous and painful at times? Absolutely, but the laughs, smiles and perseverance he's seen in people far younger have given him a new outlook.

"A lot of them are going through things just as painful, if not more, every single day," he noted. "They've really inspired me to get a new perspective on things."

To learn more about Aidan’s run or donate to the CHKD through his efforts, click here.

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