'It’s time for Virginia to safely get back to work’: Protesters again push for reopening

Updated: May. 6, 2020 at 5:48 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - 11th District Representative, Senator Amanda Chase (R), took her stance against Governor Ralph Northam’s executive orders on Wednesday afternoon by taking part in a drive-by rally.

For two hours around the State Capitol on Wednesday afternoon, you could not escape the sounds of car horns, nor the sight of protesters waving signs - all demanding that Virginia reopen sooner, not later.

“We understand the CDC guidelines, and we can implement those. We can wear masks, we can social distance on our own. I was just in a Lowe’s this past weekend, and that’s what people were already doing,” said Chase.

The senator led the rally, engaging with ralliers as they stopped between lights.

She said the rally was for the small business owners, many of whom are struggling to stay in business.

“We have business owners who could not pay their rent on May 1, it’s time for Virginia to safely get back to work; allow the business to put in the necessary cautions and recommendations to protect the workers and consumers that are coming into their businesses,” she said.

Some ralliers echo the sentiment of a little less executive oversight.

“I understand that there’s a public health crisis, but the reality is that down in Southwest Virginia, those counties don’t need to be closed. There’s just not that many cases that are down there," said Mike McKenna from Roanoke.

Others called for the governor to re-prioritize the state’s response.

“I think it’s important that people know that just because there’s a virus, that doesn’t mean your rights get thrown aside," said Floyd Bayne of Midlothian, adding, "If Governor Northam is so concerned with people’s safety, it seems to me that going to work and feeding your family and paying your bills is something he should be concerned about too.”

The governor was asked for a comment at Wednesday’s briefing, but he declined. He did say, however, that any decision would be made with “date and science.”

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