Business owner reacts to Governor’s expected announcement regarding reopening plans

Governor to lay out details on reopen

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It goes without saying that it’s been rough for business all over the country, but some states have given some non-essentials the ‘OK’ to open up shop once more.

However, there’s been no word yet on any plans in the Commonwealth.

“A lot of people are suffering. A lot of my friends who are hairdressers are really having a hard time dealing with all of this," said Kristee Lively, manager of Jim’s Hopewell Barber Shop.

Lively says in the weeks since closing, she and her staff have been getting by on at-home cuts, but even that has its risks:

“It’s hard to put guidelines on someone else’s home," she said, adding that she wouldn’t go to the home of a customer she doesn’t know, but that in her shop she is able to control things like social distancing measures.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce is launching what they call their “Blueprint for Getting Virginians Back to Work” initiative. It’s a business-led effort to provide guidance on how to get Virginia’s economy moving.

Chesterfield County is also working on its reopening plan with the help of business leaders in health, retail, hospitality, personal care, and K-12 education and child care.

Lively says that even if her shop were able to open as soon as this week, for example, they’d still need time to adapt to regulations.

“I’ve really missed my co-workers and my customers, and the daily routine that you’ve been used to for so many years. But I’m nervous. What if we can only let one person in the shop at a time? I have two other barbers. How is that going to work out? Is that going to be sustainable for any of us?" she said.

To an extent, Lively says that her shop would be ready to open because while they’ve been closed, they’ve ordered masks and sanitizer for the shop’s equipment. She adds that the stock of supplies they have for now would only last for a few days, and it would take more preps in order to restore the business to normal.

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