Sanitation crews continue to work around the clock during pandemic

Updated: May. 1, 2020 at 3:05 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Sanitation crews are continuing to work around the clock as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in Virginia.

Ebony Jackson has been with Republic Waste Disposal Services for three years.

"We are like a thief in the night. We are security and the customer service,” Jackson said.

The business takes Jackson all over the Richmond area.

“This has affected my hours and when I get to see my customers. I don’t see anybody anymore,” Jackson said.

“Coming to work and there’s nothing going on on the roads or anything like that,” Operations Clerk Gene Banks said.

Banks said sometimes the world can forget about the services they provide but managers at the company don’t.

“I miss them because we are now coming in at staggered times so we don’t rush the dispatch. A lot of my coworkers, I don’t see anymore. I just here them,” Jackson said.

“We are in this together, as a team and as a unit,” Operations Manager Tyrone Parker said.

Parker helps oversee a fleet of 78 and a team of 105 making sure they aren’t just OK on the job but when they go home as well.

“We are giving our employees $100 every other week,” Parker said.

The team also helps local restaurants by ordering meals to feed the staff. One restaurant says it was their only order for the week.

“The hardest part is keeping a positive attitude,” Parker said.

So, the next time you throw something away or take out the trash, remember those who get a little dirty to make sure your family can stay clean.

“This is no joke. Be safe and stay at home if you have to. We will take care of the rest,” Banks said.

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