“Relaunch Chesterfield” aims to reopen Chesterfield businesses

“Relaunch Chesterfield” aims to reopen Chesterfield businesses
“Relaunch Chesterfield” aims to reopen Chesterfield businesses (Source: The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, Chamber RVA Chesterfield Cabinet and Chesterfield County have united to support a coordinated relaunching of the Chesterfield economy.

“Relaunch Chesterfield” focuses on issues for businesses and elected officials around the county to consider as reopening plans are made. “Relaunch Chesterfield” is meant to work in conjunction with the Governors’ Covid-19 Business Task Force recommendations as they too begin the work of relaunch Virginia’s economy.

“Relaunch Chesterfield” will be developed in partnership with business leaders across a broad array of industry sectors and organizations around the county, including but not limited to the following sections:

  • Health and Safety First/Internal & External Customers
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Healthcare Services
  • Personal Care Service Industry
  • K-12 Education & Childcare and Daycare

“Relaunch Chesterfield” is meant to serve as a start to the conversation for returning more employees and businesses to work, rather than serving as a final, prescriptive set of answers or solutions, according Chesterfield President, Danielle Fitz-Hugh. We know that it is vitally important to be smart under the new normal that we find ourselves in, and that with careful planning and collaboration, we can safely and effectively return businesses to commerce, employees to work, and our economy to stable footing.”

“It is our hope that “Relaunch Chesterfield” provides a solid starting point for individual businesses and governmental leaders to make decisions on how and when to safely open more of the county’s economy,” said Leslie Haley, Chesterfield County Board Chair.

“ChamberRVA has and will continue to work with regional partners, like the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, in combatting the effects of COVID-19. As we continue to implement the health and safety measures that will get us beyond the peak of cases and flatten the curve, we need to begin the process of restarting our economy. We applaud Chesterfield County leadership, and the Chesterfield Chamber in developing plans to reopen Chesterfield. We look forward to our continued partnership in reopening businesses throughout the region.”

“Businesses throughout the county are anxious to get back to work while maintaining the well-being of their employees and their customers. Successfully combatting COVID-19 will require aggressive, collaborative action among governments, health care professionals, businesses and citizens. In Chesterfield, we can do it,” according to Dr. Joseph Casey, Chesterfield County Administrator.

For More Information or to sign up for an industry workgroup visit www.chesterfieldchamber.com/relaunch-chesterfield.

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