Company runs out of masks during giveaway

Updated: Apr. 26, 2020 at 11:02 PM EDT
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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - It was a different sort of business Active Medicare Solutions was running this weekend; rather than dealing with insurance plans, staff of the medical insurance agency were handing out face masks.

“It really went smooth though, with the three stations. Everyone was kind moving up, we’d pass a mask in the window, and away they would go," said owner Craig Rasmusson, "but it was crazy. There was probably a line of at least 30 cars at any given time.”

The event was supposed to start at 10am on Saturday, but Rasmusson says people were already waiting hours earlier when he and staff arrived at 8:00 a.m.

Saturday’s giveaway nearly depleted almost all of the 3,000 masks, but some were lucky enough to make it on time Sunday, like Giles Johnson and his wife.

“I had a stroke about 7 years ago, and congestive heart failure, so I’m really compromised. I’m vulnerable,” Johnson said.

With his medical condition, he is very much in need of protection and says he’s counting his blessing after being able to get a mask.

“[Craig’s] been very kind to us. Showing us kindness, and supplying us with masks although he’s run very low,” Johnson added.

But of course, there was about a few dozen today who had to go home empty-handed, like Paul Leemacks of Richmond:

“We just saw the sign yesterday. They were already closed when we came by. We came by today, and they’re out of them,” he said.

Rasmusson said he regrettably had to turn away about 100 people on Sunday:

“It’s been hard sitting here, telling folks that have been coming through that we ran out of masks a couple hours ago. I can tell you that every single person is still so appreciate of what we’re doing here and the fact that 3,000 people did get a masks, even thought they did not get one,” he added.

Rasmusson did mention the possibility of getting more masks - but that it may take a few weeks. He added that he is going to keep updating his agency’s website and Facebook page.

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