Using the pandemic to talk about money with children

Using the pandemic to talk about money with children

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -Are you kids at home driving you nuts? How about turning the crisis into a lesson plan about the value of money?

If your family is not going through a loss of job or income troubles-- now may be the perfect time to teach your elementary child about the value of money.

Create a mini economy at home. For small children is one idea. You would use smaller coins to help them learn. Create homemade piggy banks and make goals-- draw pictures if you have to, so you can help them understand.

Create Chores and a value they can earn. Use games like monopoly to teach them. It’s so important to show them how to save up.

“Savings does not come easily or naturally to people for most people 3:07 if we can start ingraining that in our children at a young age. 3:11 it’s a perfect time," says Cherry Dale with the Virginia Credit Union.

Even go online and open up a savings account for your child.

So they can learn how banks works-- and again teach them why it’s important to save up.

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