Saving on auto insurance during the pandemic

Saving on auto insurance during the pandemic
Look at ways to reduce auto insurance if you are not using your vehicle as much right now. But don't just cancel car insurance. (Source: WAFF)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Are you paying too much for car insurance right now, especially when you are barely driving your vehicle?

ValuePenguin a free source for information and tools to help consumer says not to cancel your car insurance policy during the crisis-- as you could pay a penalty for gaps in coverage, but policyholders can still lower their monthly payment.

Instead, you can comparison shop right now. You may find a better deal that costs less each month.

Look for pay-per-mile insurance. Make sure you have an appropriate amount of car insurance coverage.

If you’re driving less, when your policy is up for renewal, let insurers know your mileage has gone down.

Also, call your insurer and make sure they have applied all possible discounts.

If you have more than one car but you're now only using one, consider comprehensive-only insurance for the extra vehicles.

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