Dozens of homes, property damaged in late afternoon storms Friday

Dozens of homes damaged, trees down in storms

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Several homes sustained damaged after a hail storm late afternoon in Chesterfield County. The damage was widespread across the county as trees were snapped across roadways, with many splitting homes.

“I’ve never seen what I saw today,” said Georgette Williams.

Williams and her husband John says their neighbor’s trees were pulled from the roots from heavy wind, landing on top of their roof and partially on their truck which was parked in the driveway off Willow Branch Road.

“My son was calling my husband and I down, and come in the bathroom because he could see that something was going on,” said Williams. “This is what happened - a tree is on my truck and my home.”

Williams called a tree removal company that used an 80-ton crane to lift the tree off of her home in pieces as crews with chainsaws worked to free her car from underneath the base of the tree.

Other homeowners like Mikel Martin were much luckier, a massive oak tree right in front of his front door narrowly missed his house off Beulah Road in Chesterfield.

“You can see it’s just about five feet away from the house, it would have split it right down the middle,” Martin said. “It didn’t even hit anything."

At one point, Dominion Energy reported over 10,000 homes across Richmond and Chesterfield were left without power from the storms.

“God is still good. We’re still here so we have a whole lot to be thankful for,” Williams said.

Check out viewer submitted photos of the storm below, or if you have some of your own - you can submit them as well.

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