‘Save yourself and others’: Virginia delegate tests positive for coronavirus

Central Virginia lawmaker contracts COVID-19

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A Virginia lawmaker tested positive for coronavirus and is sharing the painful diagnosis and her road to recovery. Delegate Delores McQuinn is on the mend now, but it’s been a painful few weeks. She’s kept quiet about it until now.

First, her daughter tested positive. They’re both under the same roof. Then, Delegate McQuinn contracted it and so did her husband.

"I realized one morning I had no taste and no smell,” McQuinn said.

You often see the lawmaker fighting at Capitol or serving in the community.

“Every day I’m getting stronger, every day. Some days, it depends,” she said.

She’s been in isolation since testing positive for coronavirus more than two weeks ago. After she got the news, her husband received the same diagnosis.

“Every day I realize he’s getting stronger. Yesterday and today, he spent most of his time in bed just resting.”

Though not yet back at 100%, they're getting better.

"It is not something I want to experience again, like ever…I didn’t think at my age I would need Bengay, just trying to ease the pain. Any movement I made it was extremely painful,” Daytriel Nzassi, McQuinn’s daughter, said.

The family is holding each other a little closer, especially after seeing people they know who lost the fight. They want their story to show you can come through it.

"I'm hoping this would be an opportunity to help someone,” McQuinn said.

By being a witness to the fact COVID-19 is here.

"I know there are still some doubters out there but it's real,” Nzassi added.

It’s giving the delegate a new agenda - not political, but a personal plea to those not taking this seriously.

"I’m saying to them ‘save yourself and others’…We have got to work hard and be diligent in fighting this invisible enemy…When they are telling us to be safe, to practice social safety and distancing. We’ve got to do it,” McQuinn said.

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