Ways to celebrate Easter with kids while social distancing

Prepare now to be ready for Easter

Safe Easter Celebrations

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Many families will celebrate Easter this weekend. If you’ve been disciplined about your social distancing, this weekend will be especially hard. As tempted as you are to get together with family or go to a religious service in person, don’t. This is a sacrifice we’re all going to have to keep up to stay safe.

But you can bring the family to the celebration with pictures, phone calls or even FaceTime or Zoom.

Egg hunts are still OK, but keep it to just your immediate family - just make sure you check the weather forecast to see if you should do it inside or outside. Stick to your yard or your property, and keep the eggs to your family.

Forget to order an egg coloring kit? You don’t need a kit to make egg dye - you probably have what you need at home.

Consider making a special meal together, and add in an Easter-themed dessert - but get that order in now, so you get it delivered by Easter Sunday. The Food Network has some good options.

Many churches are offering streaming services, and there are lots of crafts and books you can use to teach your children the story of Easter.

Again, you’ll want to order the supplies now, so you’re ready when the time comes to do the crafts.

You could also make puppets to tell an Easter story, or have the kids make costumes at home and put on the show for your family - maybe even your extended family with social media.

And there are several Easter movies, which can be a nice way to snuggle up inside together.

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