Richmond attorney announces run for mayor

Justin Griffin
Justin Griffin(Justin Griffin - Twitter)
Updated: Apr. 6, 2020 at 10:41 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Small business attorney Justin Griffin announced on Monday that he will be running for mayor of Richmond.

In 2019, Griffin was featured in Style Weekly’s Top 40 Under 40 list for his analysis of the Navy Hill Coliseum proposal on

Griffin released the following statement:

“In late February I put out a statement that I would be exploring a run for mayor of Richmond.

After making that statement I set out to talk to as many Richmonders as possible.

After having many great conversations and then taking a pause once COVID-19 reached Richmond, I have made my decision

I am running for mayor of Richmond.

When I spoke out against Mayor Stoney’s Coliseum proposal it was because I cared about Richmond. I did not want to see Richmond walk blindly into a deal that would make our already fragile finances, even worse. I explained why the deal should be rejected back in November of 2018, but our elected leaders still spent until February of this year distracted before making a decision.

It is abundantly clear that while they were distracted, the Mayor and City Council did nothing to prepare for the Coronavirus crisis we are now facing.

Our people are hurting right now. The people of Richmond are worried. Many of our most vulnerable have no way to get supplies without going to crowded stores. Many others are losing their jobs and are left with no way to pay rent.

And just like the problems with our schools, roads, and city services our elected officials have no urgency in addressing this crisis. We deserve better.

The economic and tax revenue boom of the last 4 years saw Richmond take in and spend record amounts in new revenue and now that we are facing economic uncertainty, we have nothing to show for it. We deserve better.

Richmond is facing the monumental tasks of overcoming COVID-19 and then recovering once it is over. Do we trust the same people who have accomplished nothing in the past to lead us into this uncertain future? The people of Richmond deserve better than the failures of the last 4 years continuing for another 4 years.

I am not a politician. As an attorney, an accountant, and a small business owner I am the right person for right now. We need a proactive problem solver, not another reactionary politician that operates based on polling data. We cannot afford more of the same in Richmond. More now than ever.

I know that fighting this invisible enemy can feel hopeless. I understand that sometimes it feels like Richmond is forever destined to suffer with leaders who refuse to serve the people that elected them.

But we do not have to accept this fate. Out of this crisis we can choose a new and better path forward for Richmond. If we come together and choose something different, we can start right now building a better Richmond.

A Richmond with a government that does not fail its residents in its response to every challenge.

It is now up to us. Do we choose more of the same, or do we demand better? Because Richmond deserves better.”

Richmond City Councilor Kim Gray is also running, along with current Mayor Levar Stoney seeking re-election.

The city of Richmond, Virginia, is holding a general election for mayor on Nov. 3, 2020. A primary is scheduled for June 9, 2020.

Learn more about Griffin, here.

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