‘We’re woefully short’: Virginia to buy $27 million in personal protective equipment

‘We’re woefully short’: Virginia to buy $27 million in personal protective equipment

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Virginia is digging its way out of a shortage of personal protective equipment.

Monday afternoon, Northam and the state's COVID-19 response team announced the state is buying $27 million in personal protective equipment.

“We’re woefully short. Numerous requests have been made of our strategic national stockpile and we’ve received a mere fraction of what was requested. So like other states, we have had to go to the market to find suppliers,” said Brian Moran, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety.

The N-95 masks, gowns and gloves will be distributed by another company to health care providers around the commonwealth. The shipment is expected to arrive from Asia in one week.

"We have identified what we believe to be a very reliable supply chain and so a substantial purchase has been made," said Moran.

The governor, is also again, encouraging people to use cloth face masks if they are out in public.

"It is comfortable. When applying it you just want to put it over your face, said Northam.”

He even demonstrated how to use it with his own which was made by the department of corrections.

“You don’t need a medical-grade mask to do this. In fact, you can make your own. The internet had many patterns and instructions for how to do so even if you can’t sew,” said Northam.

The state lab has able been able to genetically map the virus. What they can say is coronavirus was introduced to the state in multiple communities instead of spreading from a single source. This will also help health experts track how the virus may mutate.

There’s also a debate right now about when Virginia will see its COVID-19 peak. The state’s projection is in May, but a new study suggests it could be two weeks from now.

The governor says they will have a better projection based on new data by the end of the week.

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